Roger Miesen

Energie-Nederland vice-president | RWE Generation SE CEO

Roger Miesen is vice-president of Energie-Nederland, CEO of RWE Generation and also country chair for RWE in the Netherlands. RWE is an energy company of German origin that has been generating electricity since 1898. RWE Generation is a major business unit of this and has gas plants, hydroelectric plants, biomass plants, hydrogen operations and battery operations in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands. Roger studied aerospace engineering at TU Delft from 1982 to 1988 and then began his career at the Borssele nuclear power plant. Here, his roles included Senior Engineer and Plant Manager. In 2005 he became Director of Generation at Essent, which was sold to RWE in October 2009 and was part of it until October 2016. He has been CEO of RWE Generation since January 2018.