Dyonne Rietveld

Country Chair Uniper Benelux | Vice-Chair Energie-Nederland

“Together with Energie Nederland, Uniper Benelux wants to be a partner of the government. Working together as soon as possible to make the energy sector more sustainable and future-proof.”

Dyonne Rietveld (1988) obtained a Masters in Law from Erasmus University Rotterdam. She started her career at Uniper in 2008 as Legal Counsel and Compliance Officer. After becoming Head of Legal and Compliance, she joined the Uniper Benelux board as Managing Director in 2021.

As Senior Vice President Energy and Law Regulation in Düsseldorf, she was intensively involved in the recovery operation of Uniper SE during the gas crisis and has driven the energy transition from a European perspective.

Dyonne is now Country Chair of Uniper Benelux.