“Als vertegenwoordiger van de gehele sector speelt Energie-Nederland een cruciale rol in de transitie naar een duurzaam energiesysteem. Wij geloven dat voor die transitie een goedwerkende markt nodig is, zonder grote belemmeringen en met een gelijk speelveld voor alle partijen. Daar zorgt Energie-Nederland voor.”

– Coen de Ruiter, Ceo Greenchoice

About Energie-Nederland

Energie-Nederland: the industry association for sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy supply

Energie-Nederland is the industry association for all parties that produce, generate, supply and trade electricity, gas and heat. We represent virtually the entire energy market in the Netherlands. Our 80 members – including many newcomers – are active in renewable energy and non-renewable energy. They offer various services and are constantly coming up with innovative and sustainable initiatives.

We champion the interests of our members in every area of energy supply, in The Hague and in Brussels; from generating and trading energy to supplying it to consumers and businesses. In addition, we support the development of new services from our members, such as – for example – assistance in making buildings more sustainable.

Energie-Nederland is one of the locomotives of the Climate Agreement. With clear visions and specific solutions, we work on a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy supply. We do this in collaboration with the government and community partners. In addition, there are the Clean Energy Package and Fit for 55 too.

It is our ambition to achieve a halving of carbon emissions by 2030. By 2050, energy supply must be 100% carbon free. In view of the planned rollout of renewable energy sources, the Netherlands is on track to become a leader in Europe.

As an industry association, we are contributing to a sustainable future. We remain committed to an energy market that focuses on sustainability, reliability, security of supply and affordability.

We aim for the best possible market, with low barriers to entry and exit. With space for new and innovative players and businesses. Energy companies should be given sufficient incentives to invest. As our energy market is European, we strive for solutions and policies at European level, to provide a level playing field for collective and efficient further sustainability.

The energy landscape is changing rapidly. To let small and large consumers make their own choices, Energie-Nederland focuses on removing barriers. Furthermore, we support organizations by providing up-to-date and reliable information about their energy consumption.

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