Coen de Ruiter

Energie-Nederland treasurer | Greenchoice CEO

Coen de Ruiter (1969) studied business economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and has been the general manager of Greenchoice since November 2020. The common denominator in his career? Working for companies with a social mission: after 11 years at Unilever, Coen de Ruiter was at the helm at Max Havelaar for four years and from 2009 to 2017, he was director of the Apenheul. Before joining Greenchoice, he spent three years as a director at the financial comparison site Independer. Social commitment is also strongly reflected in Greenchoice’s mission to make the energy transition not only for everyone, but also by everyone. Coen de Ruiter joined the board of industry association Energie-Nederland at the same time as taking up his appointment at Greenchoice.