At look back at House of Representatives debate on Security of Gas Supply

After a hectic year in the energy market, the House of Representatives once again debated about the security of gas supply today. Despite a little calmer in the gas market, most political groups are aware of the risks that the Netherlands still faces when it comes to security of supply.

Prior to the debate, Energie-Nederland sent input to all members of parliament once again stressing the importance of a clear crisis plan. Several political parties endorse this importance and have posed specific questions about it to minister Jetten.

The situation in the gas market shows that besides a commitment to sustainability, reliability and affordability are also matters we need to continue to work on. Energie-Nederland is actively involved in developing the Gas Protect & Recover Plan, which details a roadmap of who should do what in the event of a physical deficit in the gas network.

Did you miss it? Watch the Security of Gas Supply debate here.

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