Energie-Nederland: Swift Treatment of the Energy Act Proposal in the House of Representatives is Essential

The Energy Act proposal is a necessary adjustment of energy legislation and regulations to current developments. The current Electricity Act and Gas Act are urgently in need of modernization as they date back to 1998. Energie-Nederland supports the appeal by Minister Jetten, with Chairperson Cora van Nieuwenhuizen stating: “If we do not adopt this law quickly, we will never achieve the goals of the energy transition within the set deadlines. Urgency is therefore required.”

This new law will serve as the foundation for a significant number of changes in the energy system. For example, how do we deal with energy production when there is a fluctuating supply of solar and wind energy, with electrification in transportation, heating, and industry, and with consumers who may want to actively participate in (local) energy communities? Additionally, European regulations still need to be implemented. Without the Energy Act, all these new developments will be blocked or further delayed.

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