Energie-Nederland’s response to hydrogen quality consultation

In the coming years, a hydrogen network will be created between the five major industrial clusters in the Netherlands. Hydrogen can serve as a substitute for natural gas. One important decision to be made is about the minimum quality of the network. This might seem like a minor detail, but it is very important. It will help industrial customers like the chemical sector know that they really can make the switch. And hydrogen producers will also know the quality level the injected gas must meet.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has launched a consultation for input on hydrogen quality. In response, Energie-Nederland states that it considers it premature to agree to the proposed 98% purity. In fact, a sizeable group of customers require a higher quality and would have to invest in purification. This might stop them from switching to hydrogen. And that would be a shame. Then, if the quality is changed in a few years after all, it would turn out that you’ve built treatment plants for nothing. At the same time, Energie-Nederland believes in the need for ‘blue’ hydrogen, whereby hydrogen is made using natural gas and the carbon released is captured and stored. Without processing, this hydrogen has a quality below 98%. The cost of purifying blue hydrogen should be more carefully balanced against the cost of purification by customers. Ultimately, Energie-Nederland is concerned with which hydrogen quality bears the lowest system costs.

Agreements on quality are of major importance in the Netherlands for Energie-Nederland’s members, but also at European level. We believe that an international hydrogen market will emerge. For this, clear quality standards are a prerequisite. Member of Energie-Nederland are already in talk with potential customers in Germany, for example.

Energeia wrote an article about input from Energie-Nederland, among others. Use this link to view the article.

Read the full input from Energie-Nederland on the consultation here.

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