Publication of article by Netherlands Sustainable Energy Association (NVDE), Netherlands Wind Energy Association (NWEA), and Holland Solar in Binnenlands Bestuur

On March 24, Energie-Nederland, the Netherlands Sustainable Energy Association (NVDE), the Netherlands Wind Energy Association (NWEA), and Holland Solar published an article in Binnenlands Bestuur: ‘Province, take up your role in the energy transition’. Especially now that coalition negotiations are underway in all provinces, it is good to remind negotiators of the province’s important role in accelerating the energy transition, by way of – for instance – creating more space for wind turbines, solar farms and geothermal heat pumping installations, and also through smooth processing of permits and licenses, and the much-needed upgrade of power grids. The article calls on the provinces to further flesh out the existing plans, building on agreements already made.

Read the full article here.

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