Sonja van der Graaf

Spokesperson a.i.

+31(0)70 311 43 50
“Energy has never been as topical as it is now. The energy transition is long-term and there is a lot involved. As a spokesperson, the challenge is to make complicated matter understandable and to help journalists answer questions. You also have to be curious. to be able to do this work. There is no shortage of subjects! I like to work proactively: try to find out what the media need and how you can respond to it. Of course, each with their own responsibility. This is how great stories are created.”

With extensive experience as spokesperson in the world of public relations, Sonja is an all-round professional. Driven, results-oriented and positive. After working for, among others, the province of North Brabant and Albert Verlinde Entertainment, she has been working on an interim basis for eight years. This has led to many different workplaces, including spokesmanship for various ministers. She has been working for Energie-Nederland since the end of 2022. In close contact with her colleagues from our members, she follows current events and contributes to the energy transition by telling the media what we do.