Action program for low-voltage grid congestion presented: flexible behavior must be voluntary

It is not news that the electricity grids are overcrowded. But the low-voltage grid is also under pressure. On January 11, outgoing minister Jetten sent a letter to the House of Representatives in which he presented the Action Agenda for Network Congestion in Low Voltage Networks. This discusses the measures the government is taking to combat network congestion. However, little is known about the current situation. Research must show how big the problems are and in which areas they are greatest. The electricity grids there must then be expanded more quickly. In addition, it must be examined whether companies and consumers on the low-voltage grids can relieve the grid by adjusting their behavior. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy announced this today.

Insight into the problems Energie-Nederland believes it is wise that the situation in the low-voltage networks is better mapped out. The load on the grid has undoubtedly increased due to solar panels, electric cars and heat pumps. But it is not yet sufficiently clear at which times and in which parts of the electricity grid the problems are greatest. Network operators and municipalities must work together better to ensure that municipal plans for the heat transition, electric transport and housing are better aligned with the plans and activities of the network operators.

Accelerate the implementation of grid reinforcement Expanding and strengthening the electricity grids remains the most important long-term priority. In the meantime, work will be handled more efficiently, according to MEAC. Spatial procedures are accelerated and with a proactive neighborhood or district-oriented approach, work can be carried out more quickly. These points of interest are mainly important for municipalities and grid operators. Central management is necessary so that there is a complete overview of the state of affairs.

Flexibility as a solution? The action program pays a lot of attention to making more efficient use of the grid. For example, it is stated that consumer devices must be controllable. This allows consumers to relieve the grid when necessary. Energie-Nederland believes it is important that companies and consumers retain the freedom to purchase and use devices that promote sustainability, such as the electric car, solar panels and the heat pump. Chairperson Cora van Nieuwenhuizen: “Flexible behavior must remain a free choice, regardless of how busy the net is.”

In the near future, Energie-Nederland will work with a large number of involved parties, such as grid operators, to use the electricity grid more efficiently without consumers and companies experiencing negative consequences.

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