Adjusted hydrogen transport and connection contracts

In April 2022, the intended national hydrogen network operator HNS presented a consultation version of the transport and connection contracts that parties must sign to gain access to the future national hydrogen network. HNS and the representative organizations VEMW (end users) and Energie-Nederland (producers and shippers) started a trialogue table at the end of 2022 with the aim of achieving a balanced contract set of rights and obligations for the grid operator and grid users. The aim was to reach agreements on both (conditions for) access and use of the system (introduction of a virtual trading point, availability of pipeline flexibility (PFS), etc.). Tariffs and hydrogen quality are not included because these are determined by the legislator (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy).

The outcome of the trialogue process is a modified contract set called version 1.0. This 1.0 version does not mean the end of the development process of this contract set, nor does it mean that agreement has been reached on all points. For example, the interpretation of the liability provisions, the distribution of pipeline flexibility and maintenance (duration and frequency) still require attention and new issues may also be discussed. The trialogue parties are now in consultation with EZK and regulator ACM about a process to give ACM a role in dispute resolution.

Energie-Nederland and VEMW note that the model agreements in version 1.0 for this phase in the development of the network have become more balanced in regulating the rights and obligations of the grid operator and grid users towards each other. They were established in a constructive consultation based on a dialogue in which the parties respected each other’s position. This version offers parties insight into the current state of affairs. In 2024, the parties will continue to further develop the contract set.

The amended contracts can be found on the HNS website via this link.

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