Energie-Nederland advocates for feasible solutions for a full electricity grid

Energie-Nederland is not surprised at how full the electricity grid is becoming. “We receive these signals almost every day, let us focus on feasible solutions,” says chairperson Cora van Nieuwenhuizen.

Accelerating the strengthening of the nets is and must be the first priority. The branch association lacks concrete implementation planning that shows when space will be created on the net so that companies can expand, become more sustainable and establish themselves.

Chairperson Cora van Nieuwenhuizen: “I repeat previous calls: a programmatic approach is needed. It is good that unorthodox measures are being announced, as we have often advocated for this. Make sure they don’t remain empty words, but also implement it quickly.”

At the same time, the existing grid infrastructure must be used as quickly and as smartly as possible. Energie-Nederland believes it is good that the use of flexibility tenders and the better use of congestion management are being seriously considered, but this should also be applied immediately. Van Nieuwenhuizen: “Companies are ready to help relieve the grid, but they are often not offered the right contracts.”

Finally, the trade association calls on grid operators to work closely with energy companies.

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