Energie-Nederland reacts to ACM investigation on fees for excess solar energy fed back into the grid

Energie-Nederland recognizes the results of the ACM investigation as well as the importance of a regulator acknowledging the costs incurred by energy providers through clients with solar panels. Chairman Cora van Nieuwenhuizen: “The average customer with solar panels costs an energy supplier a few hundred euros per year more than a similar customer without solar panels. This was of course already known, but it is important that the regulator has now confirmed it”.

Energie-Nederland wonders why the method with which providers divide the costs over its customers was not incorporated into the study. Cora van Nieuwenhuizen: “Then there would have been clarity right now: whether there are additional costs and if those are being distributed fairly”.    

ACM confirms  that energy providers  are allowed to distinguish between clients with and without solar panels. Providers may determine themselves, based on their own costs, how they go about it. This promotes fair competition. Due to completion-law, providers are prohibited from sharing information with each other, let alone making price deals. Cora van Nieuwenhuizen: “It is key that providers are transparant: the costs and prices must be retraceable to the contract. And the bill must clearly reflect these components. Customers must recognize all costs and prices”.

Rising additional costs
The trade association is convinced that salderen is unsustainable in the long run. Energie-Nederland had therefore hoped that the ACM would have included a passage stating that the problem will only grow the coming years and that a solution is necessary. This is because the First Chamber’s decision to retain salderen will essentially result in more and more additional costs. Energie-Nederland is convinced that even without salderen, investing in solar panels remains an attractive option.  Alternative support can be used to target specific households, so everybody can participatie in the energy transition.

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