Energie-Nederland responds to the proposal for an EU code on demand response

The two European associations of national and regional grid operators have submitted a proposal for consultation for a new EU Code on demand response.

Energie-Nederland notes that this Code cannot yet be established. It is unclear whether this Code contributes to a harmonized European electricity market, because much is left to be developed at national level. Moreover, there is a lot of overlap with existing European codes.

Energie-Nederland advises to first conduct a best-practice analysis of solutions that are already being applied or developed, for example when it comes to solutions for demand response and aggregation models. You can then look at what should be recorded in a new EU Code. Secondly, it is recommended to combine the development of a new Code with a revision of three existing codes (System Operation Code, Balancing Code and the Demand Connection Code). Only in this way can it be ensured that no overlap and contradictions arise.

Read Energie-Nederland’s full response to the draft EU Code for demand response here.

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