Energie-Nederland underlines the call of the National Climate Platform: focus on the implementation and realization of the energy transition

Energie-Nederland supports the call from the National Climate Platform (NKP), led by Kees Vendrik, to the coalition negotiators: focus strongly on implementation and realization power to achieve the climate goals. Companies, energy cooperatives and households are asking for clarity from the new, yet to be formed, cabinet so that they can make sensible (investment) choices. This clarity is necessary if we want to achieve the necessary pace in implementing the energy transition.

Energie-Nederland sees major challenges in achieving sufficient capacity on the electricity grids, helping industry to electrify their processes, scaling up hydrogen production and consumption and accelerating heat transition in the built environment. It is important, as the NKP also writes, that relevant global developments are taken into account in the cabinet’s choices. In any case, this requires a stable and attractive investment climate for companies and guaranteeing the security of energy supply in the current geopolitical playing field. After all, a good investment climate and security of supply are conditions for our prosperity and employment.

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