Energie-Nederland’s response to Cabinet’s additional climate measures

Energie-Nederland is pleased with the extra measures being taken to bring the policy in line with the ambitious climate goals, which is much-needed in view of the short time remaining until 2030. It is now important to focus on the feasibility and the practicality of all measures. Here, it is important to engage the sector in further shaping these measures.

Minister Jetten emphasized in his speech that the transition must be designed in such a way that everyone can experience it, including people on smaller budgets or in rented housing. Energie-Nederland is pleased that a combination of bitter measures (standardizing and charging) and sweet measures (incentivizing and subsidizing) is chosen. In addition, Energie-Nederland supports plans to encourage hydrogen; hydrogen is important for balancing wind and solar and an important raw material for industry.

One point of concern is the choice of normative measures in the electricity sector that could put Dutch gas power plants at a disadvantage compared to foreign plants. If the business case of Dutch gas power plants deteriorates, this could possibly further endanger the security of supply – which is already under pressure.

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