Energie-Nederland’s Response to the Consultation on “Faster Debt Recovery”

Today, on June 12, 2023, the consultation on “Faster Debt Recovery” is taking place. This consultation follows the roundtable discussion held on May 17, 2023, during which Energie-Nederland submitted a response highlighting some potential challenges.

Energie-Nederland and its affiliated energy suppliers are actively involved in preventing problematic debts and energy poverty. In addition to offering payment arrangements to over a hundred thousand customers and introducing social collection practices, we are directly engaged in agreements such as “Minnelijke Schuldhulp” (amicable debt assistance) and “Vroegsignalering” (early warning) with the NVVK (Dutch Association for Voluntary Debt Assistance). We also collaborate with the government, including participation in the task force addressing energy poverty and implementation of the price cap scheme.

Our members at Energie-Nederland are aware of the role they play in households’ financial situations and are committed to creating stability, clarity, and recovery. Energy suppliers serve as both significant creditors and providers of an essential life necessity, even during times of financial distress.

Energie-Nederland welcomes the initiative memorandum “Faster Debt Recovery.” It is commendable to see its focus on improving the situation for individuals facing financial difficulties while offering clarity, expediency, and simplification. It is of utmost importance to provide quick and effective assistance to people in debt, and the proposed measures in the memorandum can contribute to that objective.

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