Energy suppliers release €20 million for the continuation of the Emergency Fund

Several energy suppliers are releasing €20 million with the aim of continuing the Emergency Fund established earlier this year. Households with high energy consumption and a low income can once again temporarily rely on this next year. The dampening effect of the price ceiling that ends on January 1, 2024 will then have ended.

This was announced by Energie-Nederland, the branch association of energy companies. The companies Budget Energie, Eneco, Engie, Essent, Innova Energie, Greenchoice and Vattenfall have promised the contribution; other energy suppliers may follow. Energie-Nederland indicated earlier this year that targeted support is needed and are once again prepared to take their social responsibility. The branch association hopes that the cabinet will announce on Prinsjesdag that the Emergency Fund can also count on a government contribution.

Chairperson Cora van Nieuwenhuizen: “Our members experience the concerns of many customers every day when it comes to being able to afford their energy bills, especially with winter approaching. It is not expected that energy prices will return to pre-crisis levels and that is why targeted support for the most vulnerable households is desperately needed in this situation.”

The Emergency Fund was successful earlier this year: more than 45,000 households have already been helped and approximately € 41 million has been paid out. This contribution of €20 million for 2024 is a one-off because social security is primarily the responsibility of the government. The branch association therefore calls on the political parties that will form a government after the elections to take structural and targeted measures. At least for the period needed to make homes more sustainable. Insulation largely determines the amount of the monthly energy bill.

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