Large majority in Parliament for the Energy Act

Energie-Nederland is pleased with the large majority in Parliament that voted in favor of the bill for the Energy Act. The new law will soon form the basis for a future-proof energy system and a competitive energy market. The involvement and efforts of the House of Representatives are highly appreciated, because this still makes rapid implementation of the Energy Act possible.

Amendments The new Energy Act is of great importance for both the progress of the energy transition and making the energy market in general and the energy system in particular more robust. The Energy Act also provides opportunities for new products and services, allowing customers to play a more active role in the energy market. A large number of amendments (changes to a law) and motions were also tabled yesterday. Energie-Nederland believes that not all of these are equally appropriate within the current market organization. The bill is partly based on European regulations and some amendments could have a negative effect on the energy system and therefore healthy market forces. This concerns, for example, the expansion of the group ban and expansion of the powers of infrastructure companies. Energie-Nederland keeps its finger on the pulse when it comes to the preconditions that the minister has promised in this regard. The ban on negative compensation for returns is also not consistent with a healthy energy market.

Nevertheless, Energie-Nederland looks forward to the discussion of the Energy Act in the Senate with confidence.

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