Moderately Positive about Choices in the National Energy System 2050 Plan; Swift Implementation Needed

Energie-Nederland is moderately positive about the presented National Energy System 2050 (NPE) plan. The plan makes clear choices, and Energie-Nederland finds it sensible that it allows for various scenarios of economic growth. Preference is given to domestic energy production, aiming for greater independence from foreign sources. However, ensuring timely availability of necessary energy infrastructure is an important point of concern.

The energy sector faces significant challenges in the years leading up to 2050, including achieving a carbon-free electricity system by 2035 and a quadrupling of electricity demand by 2050. Offshore wind, onshore solar, and two new nuclear power plants are expected to contribute to a carbon-free system. From 2030 onwards, attention must also be given to addressing the risks to security of supply (TenneT, Security of Supply Monitor 2022).

Energie-Nederland understands the choices made to maximize energy savings and engage in spatial planning. The latter should contribute to accelerating the permitting processes for activities such as grid reinforcement, solar parks, electrolysers, and district heating networks. However, the practical implications of these measures remain uncertain. The plan calls for collaborative efforts to address grid congestion, and Energie-Nederland is willing to contribute with the understanding that the market is facilitated by the grid.

Energie-Nederland is eager to work with the government and other stakeholders on the final NPE2050 plan, as well as the implementation of existing and new initiatives. The energy sector is ready to invest billions of euros in sustainability efforts and is eager to contribute its expertise.

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