More clarity about the connection period for large-scale consumers has been achieved

On April 15, regulator ACM published the code decision on connection terms for large connections. This code is based on the proposal drawn up by regional grid operators and market parties, including Energie-Nederland, VEMW, Holland Solar, Energie Samen, NVDE, NedZero. This proposal states how the new connection terms will be determined.

A period of 18 weeks currently applies (which is almost never achieved in practice). Market parties want more certainty about the connection period, even if that means a longer period in some cases. On the other hand, it is important for the network operators that the new connection terms better reflect the complexity of the connection process. The new term is determined on the basis of a number of criteria: the complexity of the connection but also the workload of the network operator plays a role. The term is set between 26 and 92 weeks (unless specific customization is required, in which case it can be even longer).

The new proposed working method provides more clarity for applicants, offers applicants a realistic deadline and gives network operators more options to do the work in a more systematic manner. These terms do more justice to the complexity of the process, the increased demand for connections and the shortage of personnel.

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