Temporary Emergency Energy Fund: targeted support hugely important

Energie-Nederland would have liked to have seen the Temporary Emergency Energy Fund used to its maximum potential. From May 5 at 12:00, it is no longer possible to apply for support from this fund. A number of energy suppliers involved still made additional financial resources available, but the central government has indicated that the government contribution arrangement cannot be continued.

Targeted support remains necessary

Energie-Nederland believes that targeted support for low-income and middle-income people is necessary to cope with high energy costs. Although energy prices have come back down somewhat, there are still many households with poorly insulated homes and a relatively low income who are in danger of getting into trouble. This is also evidenced by the many applications to the Emergency Fund. More than 150,000 applications have been submitted, including 50,000 in the last 10 days.

This initiative by energy suppliers has helped many households. In accordance with the original agreements with the central government, the Emergency Fund will cease as of May 5. The thinking was that resources would be exhausted sooner. This is not the case, however, and a number of energy suppliers involved are in favor of continuing the Emergency Fund on the same footing.

Energie-Nederland calls on the Cabinet – building on the experience and organization of the Emergency Fund – to set up its own fund for the coming winter so that households that genuinely need help can receive support to pay their energy bills.

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