The Advice of the Week #2

At the end of last year, Energie-Nederland formulated its 10 recommendations for the new Members of Parliament. In the coming period we will highlight these one by one, based on current events. Today, advice #9: Be realistic in phasing out natural gas and building up green gas.

What do we mean by this?

Despite all efforts to accelerate sustainability, natural gas will still be used in the Netherlands in the coming years, where there is no alternative yet. This means that gas extraction in the North Sea and import gas remain necessary. To prevent a recurrence of high gas prices in 2022, the government must speed up the acceleration plan for gas production in the North Sea. In addition, green gas must replace part of natural gas by 2030, but the chosen goal must be both ambitious and feasible. Choose an ambitious but achievable goal for 2030.

Why now?

This week the temperature in the Netherlands will drop below zero several times. This means that households are heating up their homes again to keep the cold at bay. Due to this inclement weather and the greater demand for gas, the Groningen gas production locations had to temporarily turn on the pilot light. It is clear: the role of gas remains important in the Netherlands during this transition period.

Ensuring security of (gas) supply will therefore remain crucial in the near future, especially since the alternative, green gas, is not yet sufficiently developed. This means yet another reminder to take action: set ambitious but achievable goals for green gas, accelerate permit procedures and persevere in implementation.

Energie-Nederland therefore remains committed to a realistic phase-out of fossil gas, taking into account the need for gas during cold months and uncertain periods.

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