The Advice of the Week #8 – Guarantee the security of electricity supply with a mechanism that guarantees investments in CO2-free adjustable power

What do we mean by this? For windless cloudy periods (Dunkelflautes), CO2-free adjustable power is indispensable, especially if the electricity system must be completely CO2 neutral by 2035. We need to develop sustainable energy sources that do not depend on sun or wind. Therefore, convert gas power stations to hydrogen power stations. By keeping this controllable production in the Netherlands, we retain the independence to provide our own energy, even when there is little sun and wind. It is therefore important not to allow the international competitive position of the Netherlands to deteriorate, because this will stimulate investments here.

Also use sustainable biomass in combination with CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) to achieve negative emissions and give nuclear power plants certainty about future demand. The ambition for a CO2-free and reliable electricity system in 2035 is only achievable with strong additional policies that guarantee security of supply.

Why now? Last Wednesday (May 14), TenneT published its Report on Monitoring Security of Supply. This showed that electricity demand cannot always be met as early as 2030. The security of supply of electricity is under pressure, especially at times with little sun and wind. Tackling this requires more storage, demand response and CO2-free controllable capacity. Energie-Nederland calls for concrete plans for CO2-free adjustable power to be quickly drawn up because it can take at least 5-10 years to develop such power. A new cabinet must therefore get to work quickly to ensure security of supply even after 2030.

*One of the 10 recommendations that Energie-Nederland sent to the new Members of Parliament. In the coming period, we will explain these one by one, depending on current events.

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