Wind farm zone designated for offshore hydrogen production

The wind energy zone ‘to the north of the Wadden Islands’ was this week designated as the first large-scale offshore hydrogen production site. The wind farm can achieve an electrolysis capacity of 500 Megawatts. The wind farm and the electrolyzers are set be operational in 2031. The big issue to remain is how the hydrogen produced is to be brought ashore. For electricity, planning this area was already a challenge for TenneT with the crossing of the Wadden area. The fact it has now been devised that the energy has to be brought ashore in the form of molecules, hasn’t made it any easier. One option is to use the existing (NGT) natural gas pipes, but these are still being used to transport natural gas. The option of blending natural gas and hydrogen will also be explored in the near future. There is plenty of research being done into landing offshore wind power. The Cabinet wants to appoint Gasunie to develop the offshore hydrogen network.

Read the full study here.

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