Construction of sustainable energy infrastructure contributes to reducing nitrogen deposition

Energie-Nederland believes – together with fellow industry parties such as the NVDE, Netbeheer Nederland, VNO-NCW and NWEA – that a legal exploration should be started quickly to see how sustainable energy infrastructure can be built more quickly. Sustainable energy infrastructure actually contributes to the reduction of nitrogen depositions and CO2 emissions. The members of Energie-Nederland are eager to invest in electrification, for example, but permits are often not granted or are only granted after years. This is partly due to the problems surrounding nitrogen depositions.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate has conducted research into this and the results are hopeful. Since the abolition of the construction exemption, it is necessary to investigate to what extent a project has an effect on nitrogen deposition in Natura 2000 areas. After a short period of nitrogen emissions, especially during construction, sustainable energy projects only have a positive impact on the environment in the long term. Construction of sustainable energy infrastructure is therefore part of the solution to reduce nitrogen depositions. The parties mentioned emphasize that the legal exploration into accelerating the granting of permits must be initiated as quickly as possible and that both national and regional projects must be included in the elaboration.

Read the full appeal of the coalition here.

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